Yoga Inside the MoMA with Lolë’s White Tour

(Photo by: Kevin C. Downs / NY Daily News(Photo by: Kevin C. Downs / NY Daily News)

On May 22, the Museum of Modern Art opened hosted Lolë’s White Tour. 700 yogis, dressed in all white, united together for an evening of peace, community and love. Due to inclement weather, the yoga event was split into two sessions. Those with garden tickets were rescheduled for a 10 o’clock start time. It was a really good decision on my part to purchase the atrium ticket.


Elena Bower, Colleen Saidman Yee, and Rodney Yee led the yoga instruction. There were lots of volunteers walking around to adjust your pose or pushing you to a deeper stretch.

For ambiance, there was a live string quartet playing. Having this soothing music in the background was my favorite part.


Lolë’s White Tour is traveling to museums all over the world.  It’s not the most challenging yoga class and it can be hard to find zen in such a large crowd—especially when you hear the clicking of cameras and ringing of cell phones. With that said, it is definitely a unique experience, and I would do it again next year!


The cost to register was only $25 and, by NYC standards, that is cheap for a drop-in yoga class. At the end of the evening, you can keep your yoga mat as a souvenir, too! You can never have too many yoga mats.


Watch a video of the event:


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