Retreat & Adventure Trip to Costa Rica


Costa Rica was one of those trips I will be talking about for years to come. Not only for its remarkable beauty but all the new friends and memories I made in just two weeks. Booking this trip at the beginning of fall, I didn’t know it was going to be one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made. After the polar vortex, escaping the winter in February was heavenly.

I initially chose Costa Rica because of an aerial silks retreat that looked too good to pass up. Once I booked the retreat, I decided to extend my vacation another week an explore more parts of the country because well, why the hell not? This trip was jam packed with every possible adventure I could squeeze in on my limited budget and time. I originally booked the trip as a solo traveler, but I am really happy I was able to recruit others for parts of it.

Getting There

I left Laguardia at 6:00 AM and met up with my friends in Fort Lauderdale who left from JFK. We rendezvoused in the terminal and waited for our connecting flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica we transferred to a puddle jumper to Tambor (approximately 30 minutes). This might be the scariest adventure of the whole trip. Never been in such a small plane, you definitely feel every air pocket.


From Tambor a taxi drove us to Montezuma (30 minutes). We arrived to Montezuma a day before the retreat began and Anamaya was fully booked. They kindly set us up at a quaint B&B down the road. After checking into Mariposario Gardens, we headed down to town for a late lunch.

Getting the vacay started with Lauren (middle) and Leeza (right)
Getting the vacay started with Lauren (middle) and Leeza (right)


The first week was spent by the beach in Montezuma followed by La Fortuna to check out Arenal Volcano. Lastly, I went down to Drake Bay for more secluded beaches.

costa rica itinerary map


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Rock climbing at Montezuma Falls was a great way to start my adventure vacation. Climbing next to a waterfall was fabulous because I could go for a dip to cool off in between climbs.


A full week of aerial silks training nearly killed my arms, shoulders, and abs. I am sore and have bruises all over. I’ve never trained so hard. With that said, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I am thrilled to have extended my circus family and inspired to continue my training.


As much as I wanted to fill my days with adventure, there was plenty of time spent in this saltwater infinity pool, gazing out into the ocean and soaking up the sun. The view at Anamaya Resort is truly breathtaking and the best in Montezuma – hands down. If you are looking for a yoga and adventure retreat, I would highly recommend booking one here.

Anamaya Resort

Spent a day at Playa Hermosa for my first-ever surf lesson. I didn’t think surfing was going to be easy and underestimated how much upper body strength it takes. I definitely want to give surfing another chance. I am already planning a surf and yoga retreat.

photo courtesy of Sarah Major
photo courtesy of Sarah Major

I can’t say enough good things about Anamaya. The food, accommodations, and all the incredible people I met made my first experience in Costa Rica truly remarkable. I now know why people come here and never leave or sell all their belongs and relocate here. I seriously considered staying and what things I need to do when I get back home so I can return here some day and be Pura Vida!

Anamaya Resort

When the retreat ended, I continued traveling through Costa Rica and headed north to La Fortuna to explore Arenal Volcano National Park. I hiked  Cerro Chato Volcano, the most challenging hike in the area. Additionally, I went canyoning and relaxed in the natural thermal hot springs. The hot springs was the best part of this portion of my trip.


For my final leg of the trip, I flew all the way down to the southwestern region of Costa Rica, known as the Osa Peninsula, to the town of Drake Bay. The remote location was the perfect way to end my trip. With pristine, secluded beaches and the lack of crowds, I was able to enjoy my final days in Costa Rica in a peaceful, relaxing paradise.


I went to Corcovado National Park, the largest park in Costa Rica and rich in biodiversity. I was able to see so much wildlife.

My last excursion in Costa Rica was to Caño Island for scuba diving. The first dive was a bit murky because it had been raining the last couple of days. Our second dive was further out and the water was much clearer. The best part was seeing the white tip reef sharks circling for food. It was like being in my very own episode of shark week.


I encountered such friendliness from the ticos and tourists I met on my journey.  I was thrilled to meet so many solo women travelers on this trip from all around the world. I connected with more people on this trip than I have on any of my other travels.  As physically exhausted as I am after two weeks in Costa Rica, I feel more rejuvenated than ever. Even though I am back in New York City and winter seems to be endless, I am still basking in the warm glow that Costa Rica has left upon me. I am inspired to get projects I have been talking about for years finally off the ground.

There is something magical about Costa Rica. You can’t understand it until you experience it for yourself. So go, go now.



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